Education | Impact


Education | Impact is comprised of the products and measurable outcomes associated with a project’s strategic efforts to engage its audience, raise awareness, or inspire action.  It could manifest as companion curriculum for a natural history film, jump starting community-led initiatives for conservation, or formal evaluation of behavior change strategies.  I draw heavily upon my professional experience as an educator and several years working with Arts and Environmental Education nonprofits to develop tiered education and impact strategies that incorporate evaluation models.

Recent Highlights

Eight STEM Media Fellows are in their second year of a science communication career accelerator as part of a grant funded by the National Science Foundation, with program partners at Jackson Hole WILD, Colorado Mesa University, MIT, Harvard, WGBH, NOVA, etc.

A year-long multi-event exchange between US and foreign scientists studying vector-borne diseases is exploring science media as a form of diplomacy with the financial support of the US Department of State

The first-ever international trade assessment of giraffe, as part of a EWCL fellowship and BBC/PBS Emmy-nominated and Panda Impact Award nominated documentary film Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants, which became part of the 2016 IUCN species review of giraffes and the 2017 Endangered Species Act petition on behalf of giraffes

Capacity building for place-based environmental education through a multi-agency initative to establish federal designation of the Logan Canyon Children’s Forest

Regional air pollution community education campaign and school curriculum through support of the Environmental Protection Agency and community action partners

Web design for BEARTREKThe Uproar Fund, Giraffe Conservation Alliance