Meet Ru

I take my work very seriously.  Myself… a little less so.

Quick Glance
  • Bachelor’s in Biology from New College of Florida
  • Working in development since 2004 and production since 2008
  • I like: Antique books, modern architecture, neoclassical sculpture, mountains, saltwater, storms, cellos
  • I admire: Kindness, courage, straight-talk, unabashed quirks, fearless dance floor moves
  • Vices: Wanderlust, lattes, Scotch I can’t afford
  • Languages: Fluent English; Trip through conversations of questionable intelligence in Spanish and Scottish Gaelic; Basic pleasantries in Haitian Creole and Hindi; Profanity in German and Italian
A Little Backstory

I grew up in central Florida between cattle and oranges, neatly framed by southern belles and a touch of voodoo.  Where the petticoat of the Bible Belt starts to fray against the swell of Cuban bread and bite of Haitian curry, I was a dual citizen – the southern-born offspring of Yankees whose grandparents spoke little English.  As the child of recent immigrants from Scottish, French and Roma-Sicilian origins, in a single-high-school-town crowded with English, Spanish, Creole and Hmong speakers, I inherited a keen interest in ethnography, and the impact of globalization on minority cultures and languages.

Having two teachers as parents meant that summers were uninterrupted stretches of travel and exploration, which has been a tremendous influence on my passions and professional pursuits as an adult.  Throughout my childhood I found my way into great opportunities, like tagging along with the International Wolf Center’s field crews in Minnesota, cataloging botany samples at the biological field station on Beaver Island, and regularly performing for Walt Disney World’s live television events wearing a pinafore and painfully sincere smile.

I was an early admissions student at New College of Florida and earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a focus on marine neuroethology.  I’ve been employed as a museum curator, a science illustrator, a public school teacher, and a nonprofit executive director before moving fulltime into impact production and science communication through media.  And while I’ve grown comfortable with the frenetic impression that sometimes gives, I’ll be happy to explain to you over a beer how they are all related, and have pushed me toward my real purpose.

Making a career in science communication and media production services has proven fruitful and fulfilling, and has let me leverage my personal and professional diversity to be part of projects that make an impact.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me, and I look forward to exploring how we might collaborate.

View my full (but probably not up to date) résumé.