Impact producer Ru Mahoney founded Project Impact to provide robust, accountable impact strategies and campaign services for action-oriented storytelling. Central to this is the need to clearly define expectations for “impact” within the industry, and to make education, resources, and expertise readily accessible.

The landscape of media consumption has changed. Streaming and mobile-first distribution has shifted consumer engagement and revealed both new challenges and emerging opportunities to reach audiences. We believe there is a need for smart, adaptive strategies which elevate authentic engagement and make a strong case for support to investors, funders, and granting agencies. 

Project Impact draws on science communication research, knowledge of behaviour change, and coalition building for every project. We identify, vet, and recruit subject area experts specific to your project to ensure you are positioned as a relevant, current, and culturally sensitive voice on the issue. We help you engage and manage the right NGOs, government coalitions, United Nations SDGs, brands, and notable influencers to elevate your project to a globally relevant platform. And we map out an academically rigorous process – from development to end reporting – which will springboard your capacity to submit grant proposals, solicit investments, recruit partners, and apply for awards. 



I believe a well told story has the power to transform individuals, communities, and global issues. I think how a story is told matters just as much as what is told. I choose to work on projects that take an interdisciplinary approach to impact, leveraging multimedia storytelling across platforms, world class cinematography, inspiring characters and locations, and creative approaches to engaging new audiences.

The media industry is in a period of transition, changing how productions are developed, funded, distributed and marketed. My team brings evidence-based strategies to the entire production process, from narrative consulting to a dynamic custom campaign and post-project evaluation.

For the past decade, I’ve worked with storytellers, NGOs, brands, and academic experts to leverage incredible stories to catalyse change, with clients including BBC, PBS, and National Geographic. My research on impact and science communication has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the US Department of State, National Geographic, and numerous private philanthropies. I’ve been privileged to work on multi-award winning projects, including Emmy nominations, a Sundance Audience Choice winner, and a Peabody Nomination.